How To Maintain The Heating Installation During The Hot Months

It is the community of owners who decides when to turn off the heating system and who also has the power to delay or advance the date depending on whether the spring is colder or warmer than they expected.

In fact, in those cases in which there are two boilers, one for heating and the other for domestic hot water, the most common thing is to turn off the heating one, although it is left ready in case the hot water one fails during the summer and this had to go into “support” mode.

To avoid problems, it is better than the shutdown is carried out by the maintenance company.

Although current regulations do not require a qualified technician to turn off the heating – in some older installations, turning off basically consists of pressing a switch similar to that of the light – the most convenient thing is to have the help of the maintainer, especially in installations with a complex control unit.

In this way, the communities ensure that everything has been done in a convenient way and incidents are avoided, such as that in the community they think that they have removed the service but, in reality, this has not been the case by maintaining other parameters such as schedules, temperatures, etc., so the installation will continue in service.

The boiler should not be started unnecessarily.

Although maintenance is carried out monthly during the heating season, in the months of good weather, these operations cease since lighting the boiler solely to carry them out is unnecessary and, in addition, involves waste energy.

Instead, since the heating installation is off, it is a good time to clean the boilers and get them ready for the coming season.

It is not convenient to empty the water installation more than is strictly necessary.

During the months in which the heating systems are stopped, many communities take advantage of carrying out works on their thermal installations, for which it is necessary to empty the heating circuit of water. The experts at Remica Servicios Energ├ęticos recommend that the heating circuit remain empty for the shortest possible time to avoid misalignments and / or problems in some joints that can generate leaks.

Before power on, better do a pre-check

After the hot season, October and November are usually the months chosen by the communities of owners to start up the heating system again.

Although it is not obligatory according to the regulations, it is advisable that before the ignition, the maintainer carries out a preliminary review of the installation. It is important that before the ignition, the community contact their maintenance company and make sure that everything will work properly when it comes to enjoying all the comfort of central heating in their homes.