Top Selling Liquor Brands in the World

In today’s world liquor has become a part and parcel of our lives. Whether it is a celebration or getting over some unfortunate and sad event liquor will definitely play a very important role in the process. In this article, we will see some of the best selling liquor brands in the world.



Jinro has its origin from South Korea. The South Koreans drink a lot of soju. Everyone should know that when we say “a lot” here is actually a lot. You can find soju in almost every gathering in South Korea. It will be in family events, business meeting, and weddings. Jinro has actual has absolute dominance when it comes to liquor sales because their sales are almost double the number of sales of its competitors.

Officer’s Choice

Officer’s Choice

Officer’s Choice is a Whisky that comes from the Indian sub-continent. It will clinch the number two spot, and if you give a deep thought, it is really not that hard for it to clinch the second spot. There are nearly a billion people in India. A good sales in the country is all the more enough. Officer’s choice is commonly referred to as OC. It is the most preferred whisky about 40% of the Indian Drinkers.


Emperador is one of the finest brandies that come from the exotic Philippines. When it comes to liquor sales, the bronze medal goes to Emperador. It is actually made from neutral sugar cane spirit. Its preparation methods are something that western brandy makers have an issue with.



If there is a liquor competition, it is mandatory for a product from the United States to be there in the competition. Smirnoff which is one of the most preferred when it comes Vodka will clinch the fourth spot.  Smirnoff is entirely made in the US soil and is a homegrown brand.

McDowell’s No:1

Another Indian brand in the completion. It is one of the famous whiskies in India and all over Asia. The best part is the most of people do not know that it belongs to India. McDowell’s and its sister brand Bagpiper is one of the most preferred whiskeys in the sub-continent.

Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue is another whiskey from India. It is said that they have almost sold 18 million cases in the year 2016. The powerful liquor is from Pernod Richard. It is actually another acquisition from Seagram’s.

Royal Stag

By seeing all of these, you might have come to the conclusion that India is a vast liquor market. It is absolutely true because Royal Stag is also another brand from India. Royal Stag is popularly known as RS or Seagram’s Royal Stag. It is because it was previously owned by Seagram’s.

Johnnie Walker

When it comes to Scotch Johnnie Walker is without a doubt one of the most desired brands in the world. Johnnie Walker is the most common thing that you will see most of the duty-free shops. The brand basically redefined the scotch market in the world.

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